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“Poles and umbrellas” by HISM Studio, Commended Entry in the 2022 One Rendering Challenge

Judging Process & Criteria

The Jury will select a shortlist of finalists which represent the best entries in each category. For each of the Vision Categories, three (3) winners will be selected — one Student, one Professional, and one Studio entrant. For each of the Creator Categories, one overall winner will be selected. There will also be a number of Special Mentions, selected by Architizer’s in-house team, given to images and videos that are not honored by the Jury in their respective categories but deserve recognition.

Vision Categories

Creator Categories

The Vision Categories

  • The Vision Awards Jury will evaluate the Vision Categories based on the following criteria:

  • Communication
    The most important quality of an architectural image or video is its ability to communicate the design intent and narrative behind a piece of architecture. A good image or video will form a visual story about architecture and its surrounding context, revealing something about the lives of those who inhabit it. The image or video can communicate many different things and focus on one or more of the following aspects: People, light, shadows, mood, atmosphere, weather, spatial layout, details, materials, connections between architectural elements, relationship to context, the transition between spaces, and more.

  • Aesthetics
    A beautiful architectural image or video is undeniably appealing, but in the realm of architectural representation, aesthetics are about more than just beauty. They convey the essence of the architecture they depict, the atmosphere or emotional power of a space, and a strong sense of place. At their best, images and videos can reveal something about architecture that speaks to the wider cultural, societal, economic or political context of its location. Aesthetics may also concern the portrayal of an untidy, chaotic or even “ugly” brand of architecture that form the reality of certain environments.

  • Impact
    When communication and aesthetics are perfectly combined, they can produce an impactful image or video that is eagerly shared among a global, design-oriented community. While impact is not an exact science, experts in architectural representation understand the bold qualities that make an image memorable and shareable. The ingredients of an impactful architectural image or video include but are not limited to: Bold geometry, unusual angles, rich color combinations, sharp contrasts, rhythmic patterns, movement and strong legibility.

The Creator Categories

  • The Vision Awards Jury will evaluate the Creator Categories based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics
    Aesthetics encompass the visual language of a creator’s work. The jury will consider how a creator’s aesthetic approach ties to their overarching creative goals through a variety of images or videos. The aesthetics of a collection of works should be driven by the aims of its creator — whether that be to communicate an idea, elicit an emotion, attract attention, or speak to the atmospheric qualities of a space. It isn’t enough to be beautiful – the best images and videos will display aesthetics that respond to the unique nature of the environment they depict, and their visual qualities should be both intentional and well executed. Creators that are able to demonstrate a varied yet cohesive aesthetic approach across multiple works will score highly in this area.

  • Innovation
    Architectural representation is a relentlessly forward-looking field that must embrace new technologies, visual styles and creative processes with curiosity and eagerness. The jury will reward pioneering creators that show courage in harnessing new approaches to better communicate architecture to clients and/or the wider world. Versatile creators will be recognized for their ability to innovate in response to a variety of creative briefs and/or budget. Creators that are continually experimenting with their medium, questioning their own approach, and testing new ideas will score highly in this area.

  • Impact
    The best architectural creators are able to produce works that combine innovative techniques with striking visuals to create works that are inspiring to the wider design community and spark new creative ideas among adjacent members of the industry. While impact is not an exact science, experts in architectural representation understand the bold qualities that make their work memorable and shareable. A creator that displays originality in their work, exhibiting their distinct personality through visual means, will score highly in this area.

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